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 Nina's  Art

Nina is a world-renowned artist. Although she was born in India she lives in New Zealand. She paints all forms of art, but is most known for her love paintings which are thought to have not only enhanced, but to have saved relationships. On the night of her first art exhibition, the press, celebrities and V.I.P.’s from all over the world gather to meet Nina and see her remarkable work for themselves. Tragically, as she steps onto the stage to greet her audience, she trips, falls, bangs her head and goes into a coma.

Days, then months pass. While she lies unconscious in a private hospital for more than a year, her sister-in-law, Julie, tells Nina’s story. Her childhood, coming to New Zealand and chapter by chapter, the diverse lives of six of the couples that Nina painted love portraits for are told.


A sad and tragic secret is revealed to Julie by Nina’s husband which gives an insight as to a possible reason why Nina won’t wake from her coma.

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Julie, a self-confessed freckle-faced plain Jane, wonders if she will ever find love. Then she meets Kishore, a guy from India who has been in New Zealand for only two years. They date and love blossoms, but she has doubts, as interracial marriages are not common in New Zealand in the 1980s. Kishore is determined to choose his own bride rather than have an arranged marriage, traditional in his birth culture, and when he meets Julie he is smitten. He is certain they can weather any prejudice against their choice, even from her friends and her family. When the couple becomes engaged and travels to India so Julie can meet Kishore’s family, she is overwhelmed at the sights and sounds—and worried whether she can be accepted into a family and culture so different from her own.

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I live in Auckland, New Zealand. Although I write under my maiden name Carol Jackson, my actual name is Carol Sharma.

In real life, just like, in Julie & Kishore, I am married to an Indian man. My husband and I have been together for more than twenty-five years. Friends and family urged me to write about us, finally, I found the time.
Julie & Kishore is loosely based on my life and is fiction.

Nina's Art has many of the same characters but is a totally different story.


Writing Accolades

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June 2016 - Children 

New Zealand Writers' College:


2018 Short Story Competiton Honorable Mention: Harolds Idiot-Proof Plan


International Writers' Workshop NZ Inc:


November 2018: Runner-Up Highest Aggregate Points

September 2018: Highly Commended - Story in Letters - Caught in the Act

October 2018: 1st Place - Memory Story - Testing Chloroform

August 2018: 3rd Place - Poem - Home in Her Arms

December 2017:  Runner-Up Highest Aggregate Points

September 2017:  1st Place - Travel Story - Mountain Ride to Shimla

July 2017:  2nd Place -Text for a Children's Picture Book - Lucy's Gold Star

June 2016: 2nd Place - Children's Short Story Competiton- Miss Q and her little dog Wu




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